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Mat weasel - Neika - FIVE MEN IN A BOAT

UGT Core

Sortie le 20 Wednesday April 2022
Five Men In A Boat is Mat Weasel Busters uncle folk band, what's better than a family reunion around music?
Emmanuel Pariselle, Didier Oliver, Richard James Burgess, Frode Nyvold and Gabriel Fliflet are legends in their own traditional genres and gathered together to bring a mind blowing scandinavian celtic occitan fusion music.
Christan Maes, the mad sound engineer from the dark lands, sent all the studio recordings to Mat and Neika to make this kick ass folk frenchcore remix!
Whistle, pipes, guitar, accordion, vocals and a big set of massive kicks and juicy synths to bring this French-English-Norwegian band into the hardest rave vibes.
This BHlack Gold tune is unique, a family vibe, generations united!
# Track Durée Bpm Tonalité Artiste(s)
1 Black Gold 00:03:22 RPM : NC Key : NC Mat weasel - Neika - FIVE MEN IN A BOAT