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Sortie le 16 Wednesday October 2013

We are proud to present this template Hardtek produced by Floxytek with Ableton Live.

This project contains a big massive
lead supported by a powerful rhythm .

The entire project is sequenced in 'midi', the few samples used for drums are included in a ' impulse ' (built in Ableton )

so you can replace them with other samples while keeping the parameters of the track.

This template will be your base to produce tracks or live sequences , all the parameters of synthesizers , effects,

notes, are editable so your project can be completely personalized ,

This project will also be informative , you will learn how to make a mix of your tracks using multiband compressors , equalisateurs , reverbs ...

This template is made with an intro , a built, the general theme ( 1 minute ) , then it's up to you to let your imagination go !

To use this model you need to have installed :

Ableton 8.4 or more
Massive 1.3 or higher

Everything is copyright-free , so you can use and market your songs carefree

File size: 677KO

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# Track Durée Bpm Tonalité Artiste(s)
1 Orion Ableton Template 00:01:07 RPM : NC Key : NC Floxytek