Super Solid 06

HardTek - Tribe / Frenchcore - Hardcore

Mat weasel - Atomstaub - S-Noizy


Sortie le 19 Wednesday September 2018

This is an eclectic EP featuring a strong and funny hardtek track by Mat Weasel Busters around the theme of Deadpool, a kick-ass pumpcore hardtek tune by Atom Staub and an industrial hardcore killer as first ever release by a young belgian girl called S-Noizy.

# Track Durée Bpm Tonalité Artiste(s) MP3 WAV
Deadpulp 00:04:53 190 NC Mat weasel 1.30€
Panic 00:03:01 180 NC Atomstaub 1.30€
Whaaat 00:03:01 NC NC S-Noizy 1.30€