Hardtek Evolution Samples Pack

Packs de samples (Hardtek)



Sortie le 29 Thursday November 2018
If you like complextro sounds, this pack is for you!

This pack includes 103 hardtek samples with:

-20 Original Kick Bass, pumpin or Hard, but always clean
-11 Bass line, some with trancegate, some with fat ofbeat, all the grooves you need.
-5 Downfilters
-10 Fills to make some crazy breaks
-9 Hihat loops + 3 runing rythmics made with synthesis
-14 Neuro samples and 6 organic Growls
-10 Slamming Snare
-7 Reese
-11 Synth loops including Lazers, runining sounds..
-6 Upfilters for crazy builds Up

# Track Durée Bpm Tonalité Artiste(s)
Hardtek Evolution Samples Pack 00:01:45 NC NC Neika