Hardtek Secret Weapon Vol 1

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Sortie le 06 Friday March 2015

The pack 'Secret Weapons Hardtek 01' contains 30 Kicks very fat and neuro bass that allow you to create organic and moving basslines.

Fills Snares, FX and FX Up Down will allow you to make great rises.

With the Synths  samples, you will be able to produce your own melodies.

The tones and BPM samples are shown

114 Samples are included in the pack

zip size: 62 megas

Folders: Bass shots, Fills, FX down, FX Up, Kick Bass, Neuro, Synth shot


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# Track Durée Bpm Tonalité Artiste(s)
Hardtek Secret Weapon Vol 1 00:01:11 190 NC Floxytek