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Packs de samples (Hard tekno)



Sortie le 10 Wednesday January 2024
Immerse yourself in the impactful world of Hardtechno with the brand new “Starter Pack 04: HARDTECHNO” from Ratus.
This pack include  30 kickbass, 10 drumloops (with sidechained versions), 10 claps and snares, 10 open hi-hats, 10 closed hi-hats, 10 rides, 10 screech loops (with sidechained versions), 5 stab loops ( with sidechained versions), and 10 long drones, all designed for Rave and Hardtechno compositions at a breakneck pace of 155 bpm.
Each sound has been meticulously designed to bring to your productions the power and energy characteristic of these genres. Bring your tracks to life with “Starter Pack 04: HARDTECHNO” and take your music to new heights!
# Track Durée Bpm Tonalité Artiste(s)
1 Starter Pack 04 00:00:45 RPM : NC Key : NC Ratus